Commercial Portal Frame Construction – in Timber

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Leon Quinn – and Timberbuilt Solutions – enter the Blogosphere


Hi folks, 

Whilst it may not be seen as a great achievement amongst the more techno-savvy members of our global community, I am excited and a bit apprehensive about creating my first blog. 

As general manager of Timberbuilt Solutions, a unique and innovative prefabricator of structural timber solutions for architectural and commercial buildings, I would like to use this blog to communicate news and events happening in our business and our industry.  I would also like to answer questions for anyone who may be interested in using timber.  I love the timber industry and have worked in it for over 20 years.  There are lots of interesting topics and issues happening in the industry that perhaps this blog, with reply input from some of its readers, could discuss in the interests of strengthening the Australian timber industry. 

We have built the website not only as an effective commercial site to attract interest and business, but also as a resource that celebrates some of the interesting possibilities of using timber in commercial/civic/community/industrial building applications.  Need a clear span of 40+ metres?  It can be done with timber.  Need large curved sections spanning large areas?  It, too, can be done with timber.  Added to this is the opportunity to use timber as a carbon store (steel and concrete don’t do this), plus the very low energy cost of producing timber products when compared to other structural options.  Wood is naturally better! 

I really enjoy working with Timberbuilt Solutions, which has amazing capabilities in timber design, 3D CAD Modelling, and programmed timber manufacture all combined with BIM – Building Information Modelling.  This is the future of the building industry, here today, and it’s very exciting to be at the leading edge. 

In conclusion, I welcome you to this blog and I welcome any comments or questions you may have.

Image of our Hundegger K2 cutting treated pine rounds

Our Hundegger K2 cutting treated pine rounds

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