Warehouse 2 – Tasmania

Warehouse 2 – Tasmania

This was the second of two warehouse buildings constructed on the same site at St Leonards in Tasmania. In this case the structure for the 1600 square metre building, comprises three LVL I-section portal frames and 2 end wall frames spaced at 9.4 m and supporting composite LVL-ply I-section purlins. The portal frame rafters span 27.6 metres plus a 6 metre cantilever span on one side to support a canopy roof. The eave height is 8 metre.

Project Details

LocationSt Leonards, Tasmania


Structural designTimberbuilt Solutions Pty Ltd

Size1,600 square metres


Timberbuilt Solutions specialises in timber engineering design and prefabrication of timber building systems using 3d software modelling (BIM) and German CNC manufacturing technology



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