• Unlock the potential of wood construction

  • The potential of wood construction

    As a structural option; whether for the framework of a multi-storey building or a large span industrial or commercial building, the feasibility of using timber as the primary structural material is often not fully appreciated.

  • The potential of wood construction

    A unique aesthetic benefit: regardless of whether it is a high end architectural presentation or a functional industrial or commercial building the beauty of timber as a natural material and its quiet solidity provides significant benefit in all situations.

  • The potential of wood construction

    Environment: The use of a structural timber in place of steel or concrete not only results in significantly lower carbon emissions but the timber in the structure stores carbon for the life of the structure (and potentially beyond with recycling)

  • Timberbuilt Solutions – unlocking the potential of wood construction

    Experienced and knowledgeable timber engineering capabilities to realise the benefits of modern timber construction

  • Timberbuilt Solutions – unlocking the potential of wood construction

    Using 3D software modelling for BIM capability

  • Timberbuilt Solutions – unlocking the potential of wood construction

    • > CNC based manufacturing for the widest range of detailing options with complete accuracy
    • > diligent attention to detail and thorough documentation
    • > full technical support for installation

Timberbuilt Solutions
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Architect Designed Projects

Projects where Timberbuilt has made a timber engineering and prefabrication contribution toward the achievement of the Architects design vision.

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Other Projects

Typically, warehouse or industrial building projects where Timberbuilt's timber engineering design and prefabrication capabilities have provided a high quality and cost effective solution.

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Our projects

Sustainable plantation-grown timber
large spans with natural beauty

Media & Awards

Under construction PRACC – Pingelly WA

PRACC short for Pingelly Recreation And Cultural Centre in Pingelly, WA approx 150 km east from Perth. Sports hall, Function Centre and Club rooms as
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Under construction Sawtooth Roof – LTB

The Sawtooth Roof of the new Learning and Teaching Building on the Monash University Campus in Clayton starts to take shape. Twelve trusses with over 24
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Completed Primary School in Wodonga West

Over the past few months Timberbuilt Solutions was busy modelling, drawing, cutting, drilling, coordinating, emailing,… to supply the client and builder Premier Building & Construction with fully
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Timberbuilt Solutions specialises in timber engineering design and prefabrication of timber building systems using 3d software modelling (BIM) and German CNC manufacturing technology



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